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Would Alien Really Help OR Destroy Us?

Would alien want to help us or hurt us? Finding new planets, different lives is really gonna benefit us? The answer is we aren’t sure yet. But before we waste more time from our life or bring new threats to the world we should think a little bit more about aliens.

Though this post is going to be less scientific and more from my personal thoughts so you may find it not interesting, nonsense or just useless. So you are open to suggest and share your own thoughts regarding my article.

Scientists are busy to find new planets with lives, inventing new space ship, telescope etc. Hoping to invent new space ship with light speed and find more intelligent, powerful life race who will help us to feel the power of more advanced technologies and makes the human more developed nation. I believe in science so I’m not going to say that it’s not possible. So let’s think we may find new planets with life and successfully connect with them but the chances of getting help from the other nation are 50% in scientific thoughts. But my personal thought is it is only 10%. Before I examine this let’s look at us and talk a little bit about Earth our own planet.

Earth Our Beloved Planet, Is It Safe?

Earth Our Beloved Planet, Is It Safe?

Before we get into the main article let’s talk a little bit about our own planet Earth. Human the most intelligent and civilized race in this universe till now. After the big-bang happened we are evolving faster trying to make our world a better place where we can live with peace. So we start separating our existence and made so called country and start calling my country? Then state, city, district, village, religion, family and so on and then myself. That’s how the word “mine” gets into place.

Now when something happened wrong with our country we say how dare blah blah to do this with my country? We made war, hate others, attack others and use our powers to defeat others. Because we only think this is mine, that is mine, don’t dare to say it is your and that’s how we forget the peoples from other countries whom we hate they are nobody but they are us, it was us whom we separated to make the world a better place. But look around you think our world is it really safe? really a better place? we human really love each other?help each other? We already made world war and still trying to make another. Which was happened by us, not by others. We love to use our power and defeat others anyway but we were about to make the world a better place but we are doing just the reverse.

Little Bit Of Evolution

Little Bit Of Evolution

May be I’m writing more than needs but I think it is important to come up with some examples to make this more clear to you. Those of us who believe in evolution we believe life started from a bacteria. Then it’s evolved (actually we evolved) to a developed nation for our needs. Now we are human and we believe homogenous our closest ancestor. But wait a minute how ruthless we are, aren’t we? We aren’t living with our ancestor instead we are destroying the forest to make our lives? (sorry not ours) I mean human lives. Human have the power we are evolved more than our ancestor then why don’t human help them to become like us? why don’t lives together? introduce them our advanced technologies?
I know this is nonsense right? you can’t even believe how a man can ask this type of question huh!! So why is like that? Why does it feel nonsense when I asked to live together with our ancestor? Because they aren’t like us, they look different, they don’t communicate like the way we do, they aren’t intelligent enough like we are. That’s why we can’t even imagine to live together or help them to become like us.
Have we ever asked for homogenous permission while destroying their lives to make ours? no, because this is craziness to ask for their permission. We are human we are powerful, they are the animal we have the rights to rule on them. We think this way only because they are on the behind stage than us on evolving. I request you to note that word “evolution stage”.
Someone will argue that they aren’t even in the position that we can think to discuss with them. What have they invented? They don’t know anything about science. It’s pure craziness and nonsense to think this way like I’m thinking. But wait a minute they are behind us on evolution. When for the first time human learned how to make fire and use it. That was a pure invention which changed the world but now if someone shows you how to fire up you will laugh at him and say this isn’t invention bro. Actually what I want to say everything animals do is an invention to them but not for us because we are way more advanced.

Another thing if you go outside and asked some kids “How vampires are?” hundred percent sure they will say they are bad. If you ask why? they will say they eat human and blood. But humans are beautiful right we don’t eat human ^_^ meats. But what when we eat chickens?cows? etc? If we had a technology to communicate with the animal they may tell us we are the vampire to them.
So there is a huge difference in our thoughts when it comes to animals. But why is that? Actually, the definition I want to make is it is totally connected with the evolution things. Everything is fair when it comes about human. We have the power, we are evolved than others life so we can rule on them and there is nothing wrong with it. It has nothing to do with “life” The more powerful you’re the more you deserve in this universe. Talking about kindness or unity is insane when it comes to animals. We can kill animals for our needs and we aren’t interested to make world better place together.

Alien The Intelligent & Developed Nation

We believe aliens could be more advanced than us. But we are not sure yet they may aren’t advance enough as much we think or may be behind us? But let’s assume they are advanced in technology than us. That means they evolved more than us for sure? May be 4 billion years ahead so that we don’t even have the ability to communicate with aliens and we look totally different than them. So that our meaning is to aliens is like an animal. Humans don’t have any interested in developed together with the existence which isn’t evolved equally like us. Then why aliens should show interest to develop together I mean with the human? If you think about the possibility that they could help us otherwise they will just go back because they will show kindness and won’t destroy us. Remember the evolution stage you think this is nonsense to talk about kindness or unity with animals. Why will aliens think twice to destroy us and make their lives? and nobody would object because this is nonsense from their perspective to discuss with human and develop together.
Now let’s think what if they are behind us on evolution stage. I hope now you won’t say that you will develop with aliens even if they are behind us on technology. Because if we were that much good we may already start working with other life which already exists on earth. So definitely what we will do is destroy them and make our lives like we did with previous existence in earth or treat them like the animal, use them on fields to feed ourselves.
So that was the possibility if they are ahead of us or behind us. Now you may think what if they are equally like us? Look around you there is already aliens around you. I’m talking about different countries they are different than us. So we were about to live together with peace. Then why those wars? Killing peoples from other countries? If we find any aliens equally us that will create just another country the only difference would be that it will require light speed space ships to travel.


I love science and I’m not a single bit different than others human whom I tried to blame on this article. I support innovation, love to watch revealing mysteries. But I think inventing other planets with life not going to help us that much as much we are spending our times. We have many many things to research in this earth. Finding others where the probability of making problems is higher isn’t the right path we should follow. Moto is simple either they will destroy us or we will…

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