Environment, Python

Reading Environment Variables From .Env File In Python

Reading environment variables in python is very easy using a great package called python-dotenv. Very often you would like to have a separate .env file to store your configurations variable. You can hide the .env file from your developers and keep your private credentials secure using this method. You can read the key, value pair from .env and adds them to environment variable. It is…

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LAMP, MacOS, Unix

LAMP Stack Localhost Folder Permission Fix MacOS

LAMP stack localhost folder permission issue is a pure hell for those of us who aren’t expert in the UNIX system. You’ve surely faced the issue when you can’t access localhost folder, unable to upload files through your web app etc. If you’re still unable to fix this issue or every time you create new project folder you have to…

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Personal Thoughts, Science

Would Alien Really Help OR Destroy Us?

Would alien want to help us or hurt us? Finding new planets, different lives is really gonna benefit us? The answer is we aren’t sure yet. But before we waste more time from our life or bring new threats to the world we should think a little bit more about aliens. Though this post is going to be less scientific…

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